Microfibre Cloths Frequently Asked Questions


What is microfibre?

Microfibre refers to synthetic fibres that measure less ONE Denier (measure)(Denier is a unit of weight for measuring the fineness of threads) Microfibre then is very thin The most common types of microfibres are made from polyesters and polyamides.


Why use Microfibre?

Less chemicals
Absorbing ability (7 times it’s own weight)
Non abrasive
Quicker Cleaning


Does it save money?


Cloths and Mop pads can be washed 1000’s of times withQuicker cleaning compared with other conventional products. Tests prove Microfibre products use less chemicals.


What can I clean with Microfibre?


Stainless Steel
Sanitary Ware
Counter Tops

Is it Blue for the loo and Pink for the sink?

Red – Toilets and other High Bacteria areas
Yellow – Bathroom sinks, Laboratories, Gyms
Green – Food Service Areas, Kitchens and Cafeterias
Blue – General use, Window cleaning, Offices, Hallways and Classrooms